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FE&S Top Achiever Award

FE&S' Top Achiever Award honors highly successful individuals in four industry sectors: dealerships, design consultancies, manufacturers' rep groups and service agencies. These E&S professionals earn this recognition by developing businesses that raise the bar for market dominance and progressive management, equitable and honorable dealings with customers and channel partners and making meaningful contributions to their trade associations and the industry at-large.

Top Achievers have dedicated themselves to:

  • Continuing their professional education and skill-building
  • Learning how to anticipate customers' needs to keep sales growing
  • Building market-responsive organizations that provide the maximum number of profitable products and services

Congratulations to the Top Achievers:

Dealer: Company Owners, R.W. Smith & Co., San Diego, CA
Consultant: Mark Godward, Strategic Restaurant Engineering, Miami, FL
Manufacturers’ Rep: Jim Zink, Zink Marketing, Westerville, OH
Service Agent: Roger Kauffman, EMR, Service Division, Baltimore, MD

Dealer: Walne Donald, Mobile Fixture & Equipment Co., Mobile, AL
Consultant: Georgie Shockey, Ruck-Shockey and Associates, The Woodlands, TX
Manufacturers’ Rep: Bill Cassidy, Equipment Preference Inc., Southlake, TX
Service Agent: Anthony Rapanotti, A&R Repairs, Warren, MI

Dealer: Fred Clark, Clark Food Service Equipment, Lancaster, PA
Consultant: John Egnor, JEM Associates, Linwood, NJ
Manufacturers’ Rep: Pete Stryker, Miller & Stryker, Wood Dale, IL
Service Agent: Tom Walter, Nass Parts & Service, Orlando, FL

Dealer: Stephen Tucker, M. Tucker Co., Harrison, NJ
Consultant: George Zawacki, Cini-Little International, Schaumburg, IL
Manufacturers’ Rep: Jeff Hessel, BSE Marketing, Farmingdale, NY
Service Agent: Scott Hester, RSI – Refrigerated Specialist Inc., Mequite, TX

Dealer: Jim Hanson, Best Restaurant Equipment & Design, Columbus, OH
Consultant: Mark Romano, Romano-Gatland, Lindenhurst, NY
Manufacturers’ Rep: Kelly McArthur, Kain-McArthur Inc., Olathe, KS
Service Agent: Bruce Peeling, EMR, Baltimore, MD

Dealer: Michael Schatz, The Restaurant Source, Denver, CO
Consultant: Ken Schwartz, Schwartz Schwartz & Associates, Pinellas Park, FL
Manufacturers’ Rep: George LeCavalier, Engster Marketing, Littleton, CO
Service Agent: Todd Maxwell, Goodwin Tucker Group, Des Moines, IA

Dealer: Mike Palm, Palm Brothers Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Consultant: David Olson, Thomas Ricca & Assoc., Englewood, CO
Manufacturers’ Rep: Eric Starliper, Starliper & Associates, Lionville, PA
Service Agent: Bernie Harris, Authorized Commercial Food Equipment Service, Phoenix, AZ

Dealer: Eric Boelter, The Boelter Companies, Milwaukee, WI
Consultant: James Webb, Webb Consulting, Tustin, CA
Manufacturers’ Rep: Daniel Miles, The Miles Group, Vancouver, WA
Service Agent: Tina Reese, Commercial Appliance Service, Tampa, FL

Dealer: Fred Singer, Singer Equipment Co., Reading, PA
Consultant: L. Daniel Bendall, Cini-Little International, Rockville, MD
Manufacturers’ Rep: David Viola Jr., Viola Marketing Group, Madison, CT
Manf. Rep Int'l: Neal Asbury, Asbury World Wide Inc., Miami, FL
Service Agent: Sharon Barasch, Certified Service, Cincinnati, OH

Dealer: Jill Rothkopf, Economy Restaurant Fixtures, San Francisco, CA
Consultant: Claudia Scotty, Thomas Ricca & Assoc., Englewood, CO
Manufacturers’ Rep: Robert Moccia Jr., Moccia Enterprises, Riverton, NJ
Service Agent: Bruce Hodge, General Parts, Waukesha, WI

Dealer: Stephen McGarry, Paramount Restaurant Supply Co., East Providence, RI
Consultant: John Birchfield Jr., Birchfield Foodsystems Inc., Annapolis, MD
Manufacturers’ Rep: Elise Roberts, Gilbertson, Fereday & Roberts Inc., Troutdale, OR
Service Agent: Darrell Mayne, Metro Appliance Service, Minneapolis, MN

Dealer: Kim Gill-Rimsza, Gill Group, Phoenix, AZ
Consultant: James Sukenik, The Baker Group, Grand Rapids, MI
Manufacturers’ Rep: Alan Squier, Squier Associates Inc., Rockville, MD
Service Agent: Ron Canestro, Appliance Installation & Service Corp., Buffalo, NY

Dealer: Lee Manders, Quality Restaurant Supply, Dayton, OH
Consultant: Christopher Brady, Romano-Gatland, Lindenhurst, NY
Manufacturers’ Rep: Craig Hodges, Food Equipment Reps Inc., Orlando, FL
Service Agent: Dale Campbell, Barker’s Food Machinery Service, Irwindale, CA

Dealer: Hal Slotnick, Holyoke Equipment Co., Holyoke, MA
Consultant: James Petersen Jr., C.I.I. Food Service Design, Lapeer, MI
Manufacturers’ Rep: Alexander Poulos, Poulos & Assoc., Oakland, CA
Athan Poulos, Poulos & Assoc., Danville, CA
Service Agent: Wes Tyler, GCS Service Inc., Danbury, CT

Dealer: Harold Gernsbacher, Gernbacher’s Inc., Fort Worth, TX
Consultant: Kathleen Seelye, Thomas Ricca & Assoc., Englewood, CO
Manufacturers’ Rep: Richard Abernethy, Sun Marketing Agents Inc., Tampa, FL
Service Agent: Tom Eichenauer, Eichenauer Service Inc., Decatur, IL
Lee Eichenauer, Eichenauer Service Inc., Decatur, IL

Dealer: Michael Curtis, Curtis Restaurant Equipment, Eugene, OR
Consultant: Jeffrey Brown, Inman Foodservices Group, Miami, FL
Manufacturers’ Rep: John Bridgins, J.H. Bridgins & Associates Inc., Lansdowne, PA
Service Agent: Jean Choquette, Choquette-CKS Inc., Montreal (Quebec), Canada

Dealer: Robert Watson Jr., Watson Food Service, Dallas, TX
Consultant: Gary Hammer, Hammer Design Associates Inc., Sewickley, PA
Manufacturers’ Rep: Jam Lawson, The Burlis-Lawson Group, Kansas City, KS
Service Agent: Brad Parker, ARR/CRS Inc., Columbus, OH

Dealer: Jeffrey Gandy, St. Cloud Restaurant Supply, St. Cloud, MN
Consultant: William Caruso, William Caruso & Assoc. Inc., Englewood, CO
Manufacturers’ Rep: Raleigh W. Johnson III, Raleigh W. Johnson & Co., Houston, TX
David Johnson, Raleigh W. Johnson & Co., Houston, TX
Service Agent: Robert Barasch, Certified Service, Cincinnati, OH

Dealer: Gary Licht, Jacob Licht Inc., Providence, RI
Consultant: Harry Schildkraut, Cini-Little International, Schaumburg, IL
Manufacturers’ Rep: Greg Fischer, The Fischer Group, Orange, CA
Service Agent: Larry Summers, Sterling Restaurant Equipment Service, Glendale, CA

Dealer: Gary Leabman, Pearless Restaurant, St. Louis, MO
Consultant: Steven Marshall, The Marshall Associates Inc., San Francisco, CA
Manufacturers’ Rep: Danny Lane, Moccia-Lane Associates, Annapolis, MD
Service Agent: Barton Tyler, GCS Service Inc., Cross River, NJ

Dealer: George Tobia, Birmingham Restaurant & Supply, Birmingham, AL
Consultant: Edward Purmann, Fred Schmid Associates, Park Ridge, IL
Manufacturers’ Rep: Dan LaGraize, The Wallin Group, Collierville, TN
Jim Landy, The Wallin Group, New Orleans, LA
Tim Simmons, The Wallin Group, Brandon, MS
Service Agent: Roger Martin, Stove Parts Supply, Fort Worth, TX

Dealer: Ida Pick, Allied Restaurant Supply, Seattle, WA
Consultant: Michael Colburn, Colburn Treat, LLC, Shelburne, VT
Manufacturers’ Rep: Mark Schmid, Schmid-Dewland Associates, Gibbsboro, NJ
Service Agent: Gary Allen, Commercial Parts & Service Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Dealer: Jack Mervis, Ford Restaurant Supply, Tucson, AZ
Consultant: Thomas Ricca, Thomas Ricca & Assoc., Englewood, CO
Manufacturers’ Rep: Gary Wilbers, Davis & Wilbers, Kansas City, MO
Service Agent: Bill Davis, Davis & Wilbers, St. Louis, MO

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