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FE&SFlashNews — 2004-10-04 — News

October 4, 2004

Steritech Releases Food Safety Audit Report

Steritech has released a study compiling food safety audit data from 2,400 restaurants, including approximately 1,500 full-service and 900 quick-service operations.

The study utilized data from an initial audit and an audit conducted one year later at each restaurant to find changes in operator behavior. According to the report, of the 30 issues measured, full-service restaurants posted improvements in 27 in the one-year audit compared to the initial audit.

For full-service operations, among the specific areas of improvement were a 72.8% reduction in issues associated with date-marking potentially hazardous foods and a 23.9% decrease in issues associated with proper sanitizer concentration.

Quick-service restaurants performed better in 25 of the 30 categories. The study showed a 47.1% reduction in issues associated with date-marking, a 30.4% decline in handwashing issues and a 23% down-tick in issues associated with the hot holding of foods.

To access a free copy of the report, go to

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