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FE&SFlashNews — 2005-02-14 — News

February 14, 2005

MAFSI Announces Q4 Barometer Results

The Manufacturers’Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry Business Barometer for the fourth quarter of 2004 shows reps reporting an overall sales increase of 2.6%.

The Barometer is based on a survey of representatives in five geographic regions. All four of the study’s product components showed growth during the quarter compared with the Q4 of 2003. Equipment sales and supply sales both increased by 2.7%, furniture sales by 2.5% and tabletop sales by 2.3%.

By region, reps in Canada posted the strongest quarterly growth, reporting sales 7% higher than a year ago. Leading the way in Canada were sales of equipment, which grew by 8.4%, followed by furniture (6%) and tabletop (3%). Sales of supplies fell by 2.2% in Canada during the period.

The Northeast reported overall sales growth of 3.5%. Regional sales of tabletop items increased by 6.9%, supplies by 5.2%, furniture by 4% and equipment by 2.9%.

The Barometer’s West region posted 2.4% sales growth for the fourth quarter. Furniture sales increased by 3.4% year-over-year, equipment by 2.9% and supplies by 2.7%. Tabletop sales fell by 1.6% in the region during the period.

Matching growth in the West was the South region, which also showed a 2.4% sales increase. Furniture sales in the region grew by 2.4% vs. the year-ago period, tabletop by 3.1%, supplies by 2.9% and equipment by 1.7%.

Reps in the Midwest reported an overall sales increase of 0.8%. The region’s supplies sales increased by 2.4%, tabletop by 1.8% and equipment by 0.8%. Furniture sales in the region fell by 3.2%.

When asked to forecast their sales for the first quarter of 2005, reps in Canada and the Midwest were most optimistic, predicting 4.5% sales growth. Reps in the West forecasted 4.1% sales growth, while Northeast reps anticipated sales growth of 4%. Reps in the South predicted 3.6% sales growth.

For the full year 2005, reps in Canada forecasted sales growth of 7.5%, followed by reps in the West (5.7%), Midwest and Northeast (5.5% each), and South (5.1%).

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