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R&IEditorial Archives2000February 15 — Contents

February 15, 2000


Net Interest
From the world’s seas comes a vast array of fish, and with it the challenge to chefs to dream up ever more creative preparations and presentations. This often results in rosters of their personal favorites, and if these turn out to be crowd pleasers, all the better.


Active Service
From the moment customers step in the door until they leave, service plays a critical role in the dining experience. And if it is bad, they don’t suffer it lightly. If there was any doubt about this, it is dispelled by Restaurants and Institutions research that identifies service factors customers value most highly.


Better Strategies, Better Pizza Hut
With an eroded market share and upstarts nipping at his heals, Pizza Hut President Mike Rawlings is responding with a holistic approach, implementing improvements and modifications in every nook and cranny of the system.

Making Converts
Chains these day find there is more real estate financing available than virgin real estate. What to do? Many are buying other chains—some ailing, but often just handy—not to add an extra concept but to convert acquired units to the mother brand.


Putting the Gloves On
Gloves alone don’t make for safe food handling. Some tips on how to get a grip on using gloves effectively.

USDA May Reverse Policy on Food Recalls
The USDA considers reversing its policy on not telling state regulators where recalled food has been distributed.


Kevin Zraly
No one is more passionate about wine than Kevin Zraly. The author and former wine director at New York’s Windows on the World has taught thousands about vino. He only wishes operators could be so enthusiastic.



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