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R&IEditorial Archives2000November 15 — Contents

November 15, 2000


Mustard's Last Stand
Though small in size, condiments play a major role in making a dish complete. From jazzy ketchup made with dried cherries or cranberries to cool caramelized-onion mayonnaise or herb-spiked mustard, condiments are getting a creative makeover.

Takeout Package Deals
Suggestive-selling strategies and meal combinations that include a beverage in takeout orders prove profitable for many operators.


Inside Jobs
The dining experience begins as soon as customers walk in the door. Three top interior designers—David Rockwell, Tony Chi and Eric Engstrom—talk about their most recent restaurant projects and how colors, shapes and materials were marshaled to create design solutions.


Marketing, Latin Style
The United States’ Latino population, now 12%, is expected to reach 20% by 2005. As several chains already have learned, marketing to this diverse group requires more than translating an advertisement to Spanish. Understanding cultural differences and adjusting messages accordingly is just the first step.

No Time To Eat
If you think your workday pace is hectic, take a look at life for teachers and students in many public school districts. Losing out is lunch—getting squeezed for time and attention—to the detriment of proper nutrition.

Chef For Hire
Choosing the person to head a kitchen staff has never been a more important or more complex challenge. Operators share tips on evaluating talent.


Overlooked Resources
Workers with disabilities are a neglected resource.

Putting Clean Hands to the Food-Safety Task
Teaching hand-washing basics.

Michigan Gets Tough On Safety
Operators in Michigan learn how to meet the state’s revised food laws.


Ellen Phillips
Don’t be fooled by the southern charm: Ellen Phillips is a bulldog when it comes to lodging complaints about unsatisfactory service. She’s not afraid of taking on restaurants and doesn’t hesitate to give the industry compliments for what it does right.



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