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Lincoln Impinger Conveyor Ovens Keep Customers Coming Back

Stephen C. Johnson,
Executive Vice President
Macayo Mexican Restaurants
Phoenix, AZ

"My parents started Macayo Mexican Restaurants back in the mid-1940s. Ever since, the majority of our business has been repeat visitors. Our staff can identify many of our regular customers by name. We never want to disappoint them, but a few years ago we were doing just that.

Some of the dishes we serve are a bit complicated to prepare. As we got busier, the tickets started to get more complicated, too. As the kitchen got busier, some plates were served cold, were overcooked, or they just sat too long before being served. For the first time we had to deal with complaints. We started looking for a solution and then we found Lincoln Impinger ovens.

Lincoln Impinger ovens have two great qualities. First, they are truly easy to use. We send everything through them and it does not matter who is working in the kitcheneverything comes out great, every time. Second, even during our busiest peak times, our Impinger ovens stay at the right temperature and speed. Jam in as much food as you possibly can and still every serving comes out perfect.

We know that our regulars notice the quality of our food cooked in Impinger ovens because they tell us so and they keep coming back for more."

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