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FE&SBest In Class
Meet some of the 2005 Best In Class award winners:
Overall Best In Class for Ventilation Systems
Overall Best In Class for Steamers
Franklin Machine Products
Overall Best In Class for Parts & Accessories
Overall Best In Class for Fryers
Overall Best In Class for Disposers
Overall Best In Class for: Dinnerware/Chinaware
Overall Best In Class for Conveyor Ovens
Robot Coupe
Overall Best In Class for Food Processors
Overall Best In Class for Induction Cooktops
Overall Best In Class for Cookware

Best In Class Awards

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies' Best In Class Survey annually polls dealers, consultants, and broadliners to learn who they perceive as the best manufacturers of 48 lines of foodservice equipment and supplies. The resulting report includes analysis of what makes a manufacturer "Best in Class."

When it comes to forming relationships with foodservice E&S channel partners, every manufacturer wants to be the preferred provider. But earning preferred status is no small feat. Every time consultants write a specification or dealers make a product recommendation, they are putting their own reputations on the line. If a product succeeds, they succeed; if a product fails, they fail.

So, for manufacturers, what does it take to earn this level of trust? Quality products, of course, are key, but myriad other factors also come into play, including service, support and flexibility, to name just a few.

Being the best at what one does in the eyes of even a few supply-chain partners, therefore, is a significant feat. Being the best as chosen by the 900 subscribing consultants, dealers and broadliners who participated in FE&S' 2005 Best In Class Survey is a truly outstanding accomplishment.

Read the editorial from the 2005
Best In Class Survey results.

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